Friday, September 25, 2009


Suddenly I am MOM. He's neither calling me mahmee nor mamah anymore. I was first Mahmee. Then for awhile, I was mamah.

But now I am mom.

MOM! Can you wait for me?

MOM! Let's go.

Hi, MOM!

MOM! sounds awfully grown up, don't you think?

While we are at it, it's good to remember that he called me MAHMEE much much later. I mean, it was Papah for a very long time. (Papah is with an 'h', don't forget.) There was probably a 6 -8 months gap before he proceeded to bestow me my hard-earned title of MAHMEE.

Mah- mee.

I miss that sound. The second syllable was slightly longish - Mah-meeeee. It was a noun that required my immediate reaction or response because it was.. uhm..err.. a very endearing term. Very manja, if you like.

Mahmee, can I have another cookie? (Sure sure..there you go.)

Mahmee, my tummy hurts. (Aww... what happened?)

But now I am MOM. And he has to say it in a low key, serious way.


I dunno... it sounds akin to SIR, to me. Or like a debonair addressing a fair maiden - Ma'am.

MOM/SIR/Ma'am, see you later.

It's too serious for goofy me.

Geesh.. why does he grow up so fast? I did ask why he decided to call me Mom, which he doesn't have or need any reason. He just shrugged.

But me thinks 'Mom' is for 16 and above, no?

Maybe I will trip him tomorrow and see if he calls me Mahmee when he needs some 'sayang' and band aids from me.


reanaclaire said...

well, at least he still calls u MOM...
my teenage kids now calls me
1) Mi (when they need something such as ngan cheh)
2) MI ! MI!!!!! (when i cannot hear)
3) Chik Ke Bu (when making fun of me)

cham moe?

hey, got one fren, she wanted something traditional so her kids calls her "leong chan" and call the father "teh" like those in ancient movies.. pooi fook!!

tuti said...

hahah, wat a thot to trip him to get your mahmeeee!

Sinkar Loe Si said...

before you know it...


Winn said...

my mom's maid calls her 'mom' also geh.....? tim kai?

Goolymom said...

Claire Apa maksud chik kik bu? Luckily they din call u mamasan arr

Desert gooly said...

Tuti.. Ya kenot everytime tie him on cactus rite..

NGO loe moe gooly said...

Sinkar, loe mou takpe.. Jgn lei loe mou sudah

Momtoguli said...

Winn, that one is mohm. Tak sama. Is she from Mexico?

Gargles said...


(mom sounds better, right? appreciate it before it's gone too)

goolypop said...

gargles, oi - ng hou meh? nei tou hai gum gew ngo jek.. ngo jung lum ji hoe endearing tim..


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