Monday, September 14, 2009

Sweet lil things

This morning I went to school.

To buy an apron and to spy on Sofia whom I heard is a beauty, with long black hair from an unreliable source (gooly).

Good thing for name tags, I saw Sofia a mile away. She was a blond, not a brunette, *slap forehead* with a cheeky smile and yep, leng lui lei geh.. (a beauty)

I stood and watched the kids play a while. Suddenly a little girl came over, and extended her little hand.

For a nano second, I wasn't sure what the hand was for.

Oh! Then I realized that she wanted to shake my hand. It was such a cute and polite gesture. I said hello with the biggest, silliest grin while holding her soft cute little hand. And then another girl came to shake my hand too. I felt like a VIP suddenly. Teehee.

My smile was frozen for a while. I gushed to myself (because there wasn't any other parents around.) And the two little 'fairies' skipped away gaily to join their friends. As the glass door closed, I saw Gooly smiled at them and tapped gently the top of their heads with an exaggerated 'boing!' as a form of greeting. They threw their heads back in laughter.

Little children are such joy to watch. Even without their voices, their laughter can be heard through their eyes.

As I walked out the school, I could still feel the soft hands on my palm, and hear the voiceless laughter in my mind.

It's really easy to be happy for me. Just bring me to school.


tuti said...

you met angels.
kids are so innocent, they bring joy to the heart.
*springs back to reality*
growlllll... i'm supposed to be grumpy. :P

Winn said...

going back to sch? u must be kidding liucas..

let me bring u back to reality --- E.X.A.M !!!!

reanaclaire said...

maybe they thought u were a new kid, an overgrown kid.. cute cute, with 2 pigtails, peeping here and there...

Beisi Sinkar said...

last time i liubeisi then go around and shake strangers hand.

tak sangka they also practise this in thailand.

gooly architect said...

tuti, u move ur shop next to kindie larr..but must have sound proof system..can watch, but kenot hear one.. heheehe. Then also one way door. U can cross over, they cannot go to ur shop.

gooly student before said...

winn, ngo tin paat par, dei paat par..Ekjem? Mo mantai! Bring dice!

gooly no peep said...

Claire, aiks.. meh fesen lei gaa? 2 pigtails.. and u make me sound like peeping tom wei..


gooly liam said...

beisi, dem.. next time they extend hand, should i straight away put it in my mouth?

Gargles said...

talking about apron, did you sew gooly's name on it for him? must give it a personal touch. i had suggested ways on how to get that done, still remember anot?

gooly seamstress said...

gargles, i remember.. diu far maa.. ya ya.. i know.

coffeesncookies said...

feel like being a kid again hor ? those moments were so sweet n innocent !

mun said...

The two little girls are so trusting. They should be taught not to approach strangers and offer their hands.

goolypop said...

kopi&biskut, ya.. really sweet. Their smiles are really a killer!

goolypop said...

Mun, yup, unfortunately, in today's world, where safety is concerned, we have to forgo manners to keep the children safe. Nonetheless, in a classroom environment, it is ok to smile and talk to visitors. They are even encouraged to be friendly to their peers' parents. Then again, maybe it's a thai culture. May not be applicable in Msia.


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