Friday, September 4, 2009

Tales from school

On the third day...

"I helped Meena to write. She doesn't know how to write FOUR."

"Did Meena ask for help?"


"(Hmmmm....) Did teacher ask you to help?"


"(Dang!) You finished your work, and had nothing to do?"


*pengsan* Did you have time to finish your work?

"Yup! I was the first to finish."

*phew~* "Err.. why don't you finish your work first, then you help your friends.. and that is also if they needed help."

Gooly oh gooly... of all things, you are 8 like mahmee.. (CY, nei hoe yeh..)

Anyways, MIL has been pressurizing that he be moved to K2. I'm not so gung ho about that. Sure, the work sheets may be easy (except for Thai and Mandarin). But there is always a learning opportunity. For his case, learning not to be cocky, to be helpful and be positive.

He is still a child. When he is overwhelmed by academic stuff, I don't think both of us will have time to focus on elementary things like, being a human. A nice one, that is.

Maybe I am not ambitious. *shrugs*


Yesterday I rummaged thru his pocket and found an empty plastic marshmallow wrapper. "Oh, he didn't litter," was my first thought because he kept it in his pocket to be thrown away.

When he saw me holding the wrapper, he quickly grabbed it and threw it in the bin while saying, "It's rubbish.. It's not for you. Wait.. I got something else for you." And he handed me a folded paper star.

That's strange. I was a bit suspicious about his stealthy and swift actions.

Later on, I found out from Ada's mom, that he had intended to keep that marshmallow for me. But he couldn't resist it, and gulped it down in the car.

When teased, "I thought that was for your mom," he retorted, "Cannot.. it will get rotten."

Amboi.. pandai cari alasan.

*sigh* Thus, the stealth mode when he tried to discard the evidence.

Btw, the paper star was a 'kemek' one.

Lapsap! (rubbish) for mahmee, huh? Marshmallows you eat, huh? Nei hoe yeh, Gooly..

Note: I have considered stopping this blog once he starts school because it is another chapter of our life. I thought closing it would be a significant end for his pre-school years. But looks like we are gonna be around for awhile. His stories at school are priceless. :-)


reanaclaire said...

*hands up* I am present, teacher..

hoe yeh, first to reach the class of gooly, first to read the "tales from school" ..
hey, dont stop your gooly's school tales.. this is a priceless blog.. let him share with his wife, kids, grandkids, great grandkids.. to see how GREAT gooly mama is..was.. is.. *use past or present tense, teacher?*

goolypop said...

claire tung hock, kwai laak.. U may put down your hand.. Next week must shave your armpit ok? Hehehehhe

(thanks for the encouragement :))

reanaclaire said...

hehheeee... sori, lau zhi.. i forgot i wearing spaghetti strings today!

Gargles said...

1. meena is the girl he sets his eyes on on the first day of school jor..

2. you don't want to let him go K2 becoz you chan-kei-wui learn thai, moe dai lai..

3. lucky the plastic wrapper is not the rubbish he picked up from the school, imitating those ah-poh picking used cans. (not me, not me!)

4. you dun blog, you do what at home.. so even more freetime in your hands (we so free!)

and claire... the spaghetti straps is not permitted in school, next time wear a bikini here, ok?

goolypop said...

claire.. spaghetti is to eat.. not to wear ok?

goolypop said...

1. set his eyes.. omg..he wan to throw darts ah?

2. yes.. u r rite. Learn thai, go pasat yau jiok soe.

3. wats wrong with ah por? resaikeling..

4. dun u ever ever ever say i free!
I cost money ok?

and stop asking claire to wear bikini just because gutter is banned.

reanaclaire said...

eh...gutter banned chor meh? long time never go there.. outdated..
spaghetti cannot, bikini forbidden.. ok, i no go school!

tuti said...

fun to read, don't stop writing.
must continue until he gets married.

goolypop said...

claire, hai meh? gutter banned jor ah? (also act blur.. 5 sx here :P)

goolypop said...

tuti, waaaaaaaa.. neck also long. He say next year wor.. its either meena, ada or chloe now.

Hmm.. tough choice.

coffeesncookies said...

your gooly very sweet. have nice thoughts on keeping the marshmallow for you. most kids would have gasak them already without second thought :)


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