Friday, May 7, 2010

You didnt need to know that but..

Recently, I have done some major renovations. Unto myself.

I'm using a new facial bar.

I bought a kick-ass expensive hair conditioner.

I went for my first pedicure.

I am supplementing myself with some vitamins.

I am doing yoga.

Ah.. I do love myself, don't I?

Oh no.. I am not saying that I did all these because I love myself. It's more accurate to say that I love myself and these are the side effects.

*5 minutes later*

What a whole load of crap...

I admit.. I fatthiao lah! Very very hiao....

I am vain like that. But sometimes I get tired of being vain. Then I wear silly dresses which emphasize on my big butt and shorten my legs. But I wouldn't care.. until I bump into people I know and I'd cuss, "Stupid dress.."

Yep.. life is a vicious cycle. You care, you don't care.. you are beautiful, you turn ugly.. Yada yada yada..


Say.. my birthday is just around the corner..

(Can somebody stop my bullet-train of thoughts? So tersangat random..)


Gargles said...

about time you use a proper facial bar instead of harpics.

goolypop said...

yoh.. now where got ppl use Harpics summo one? FABULOSO lorr...

..and TOPS cuci baju also not bad..

(can we not so silai?)

Winn said...

and u started to jiang hua yue

goolypop said...

winn, are u insinuating that i am having an affair with some piaomei?

yuen wong arrrr!

Winn said...

Piao ge...

goolypop said...

winn, if want also cari piao di laa...


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