Tuesday, May 4, 2010


Everyday...there is something that Gooly says that makes me go, "Hmmm.."

He makes me think.

He makes me wonder how did he think of this or that.. How did he figure out certain things? And why does he know stuff that us adults don't..

Like he told me, "Sean goes for ballet."

Jeng jeng jeng...

I baited for more info cos I didn't know if he was comfortable with the idea that Sean goes for ballet.

And so he continued, "As long as he likes it. Ballet is not just for girls, you know.."

Oh.. I see. Would you like to join ballet?

He said nope.

I think he was telling me that it's ok to be different. I was gonna tell him that..but he already figured that out himself.

And then today he told me that Kieran asked him to carry his tumbler and bag but he didn't want to help.


Because Kieran wasn't holding anything. He had two free hands. And he went on telling me that he would help if Kieran was already holding 5 things.

I think he was saying that Kieran was looking for a sucker.

Haha! And Gooly sure wasn't one!

He also told me that Iris didn't know the answers for some questions. Some boys laughed at her, and it's not nice. And some girls told the answers out, and it's also not nice cos it made Iris feel bad.

So..hmmm.. I don't know how he figures out how NOT to gender stereotype or some street-smart skills or when to be quiet to be nice..

So yeah..hmmm..


Sinkaringam said...

pendek kata : LOE YAN JING!~

goolypop said...

sinkaringam, already 5 lor... takkan behave like you.. like 4 yrs old lidat?

Gargles said...

hmmm... wat shud i comment now leh?

goolypop said...

gg, u nie kumpul kumpul comment ah? tis morning got lingam? comment so many 'meaningful' ones geh? Hmmm...


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