Friday, May 7, 2010

Gooly speaks Mandarin

1. Ni yau sermer, wo kei nie

Translate: Whatever you want, I will give you.

I don't know where he learned that. Have a sneaky suspicion it is from one of my papah's 1940s Shanghai songbird's songs. Yeah, he spends quite some time in the arvo with yehyeh. I know my dad listens to his collections in his room. Funnily Gooly enjoys the songs just as much as yehyeh. I find them depressing.

2. Wo ai nie liang!

Translate: I love you two too!

I don't know why he doesn't say wo ai nie err. Even when corrected with the proper wo yeh ai nie, he still prefers his own version.

Sometimes he lansi-ly wants to teach me that language. And knowing that I am not well-versed in it, he would cheekily teach me the wrong thing.

Teachers have been complimenting his improvement in that language. Kakakaka! Ok -lah, for someone with zero knowledge in that language in the past, his progress is somewhat impressive. The reasons for his success are that he is a keen learner and that he is not shy to speak it.. even when his pronunciation and grammar and tones and semantics are entirely jumbled up.

So Gooly, nie hau bang oo!


tuti said...

prof sinkar cannot win this round of rebuttal because he no speako mandarin i think. kakaka

Prof Sinkar said...

tuti, ni chuo le1..

wo speaking mandarin orange san!


Winn said...

wo yao chu parrr

tuti said...

The Sichuan Liu Dehua duck shop famous pressed salted duck, each catty 18 Yuan, a median size duck approximately the value more than 30 Yuan, said according to young master Liu Bin, their pressed salted duck from countryside, not after artificial feed earth duck, after slaughtering cleaning, removes the internal organs, then by the refined salt souse, presses again by the flagstone the duck the flat shape, thus crown famous pressed salted duck.


winnliuliu, wo ye yao chu parr!

Gargles said...

speak no use one... must sing only can say he really knows mandarin. yoe mei yoe charng "shi shang zi yo pa pa hau"? during maller's day? mei yoe? then you must komplen to teachers jor.

goolypop said...

tuti..wah.. u use babelfish ah?

Sinkar.. u know such thing as plagiarism?

winn, ninja joe big boss?

gargles, takkan you kena that song? Now mm hing jor la.. now hing Spice girls - Mama, I lerve u.. Mama..I keh..


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