Thursday, May 27, 2010

Gooly and Science

My sis bought a Science workbook for gooly to shut him up . I have long given up on workshits cos we just get on each other's nerves when and where academia is concerned. And I keep using his vast improvement in Mandarin to 'cut him some slack'....

.. Back to Science work book.

It was fairly simple on the first page. Draw a happy face for stuff that smell good, and a frowny one for the opposite.

Between that two faces, he HAD TO choose...

... an indifferent, tidak apa face for one particular item for it neither smell good nor bad to him. Can you guess what item is that? :)

And then.. he didn't know how to spell some words and took the liberty to copy from the questions, which is alright to me..except that his letter 'i' was written exactly the same.

Here..let me enlarge it for you to see -i . Do you realise that letter 'i' is dotted with a square? Like who the heckaroo would notice that...??? Oh son.

So, he wasted some time squaring his dots... -_-*


Yep.. I no eye see, and went to or-see.


Gargles said...

i think it's sai. too used to mahmee's sai's smell, so can't say like or dislike.

tuti said...

wah, gargles just made me lose appetite. i eating sandwich dinner.

goolypop said...

gargles, hamitsai?

tuti, yoh...u put too much mustard on ur sandwhich ah?


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