Sunday, May 2, 2010

Meeting Woody

How could I forget to load this pic up? That's like the highlight of our visit there.

We were waiting for this dude to come out for so long. Gooly even asked the staff there if they knew when he would make his appearance. Nope, the ticket seller didn't know..the waitress neither.. nor the 'sampah' lady.

So we hung around for a while..sat on benches.. took a shufti at the souvenir shops..and still he didn't want to come out.

We were gonna leave and one of the girls ran to us, asking us to stay a while more. She looks like she was feeling more disappointed than us that we didn't get to see Woody. "Any minute now," she suddenly foretold the future. And true enough, we turned around and saw Woody waving at us.

Click! With that picture taken, we hereby proclaim that we have officially been to Universal Studio, Tutiland. :)


Sinkar Tell the Truth said...


how he knows abt woody woodpecker? not even his era. woody is YOUR 70s era..

tuti said...

woody smelly or not? super hot wearing that getup in our weather.

tuti said...

my colleagues went yesterday. super hot. they were drenched when the boat or dunnowat they sat in plunged down at one point. hehehe.

goolypop said...

sinkar, look is not woody allen ok?

Tuti, still new still clean and adourless.hehe..

That boat arr.. we didn't go on it cos gooly has a love-hate relationship with the t-rexes..

tuti said...

my colleague laughed hearing that.
i was too slow to understand. he had to explain to me, duh. about the luv-hate relationship with the dino.

Gargles said...

ok, you made your point. no point going to universal studio at tutiland. too boring!

goolypop said...

tuti..haha..cos u didnt know the boat is something to do with t-rexes, I think...My bad..:D

Gargles, dont tell me you are teaching your kids PEMAHAMAN.. cos i FAIL!


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