Sunday, May 2, 2010

Giddy Up

The reason I chose this new layout is because it's called Giddyup.

Is that co-incidental or what?

Since our return to KL, I have been trying to 'giddy up' (thanks for the reminder, lovely angeles.)

It was hard to be back.. it was difficult to lose something in return for something I didn't want. But I allowed myself time.. to learn and unlearn little survival skills.


I think I found the horse in me to giddy up. I'm not sinking anymore. At least I don't feel I am.

Could be the new breathing technique, could be dear friends... could be time.

I'm rediscovering myself in this old new city.


Gargles said...

your "jiu-pai"... needs a makeover then.

but really, this "life's a beach" is quite something, so hard to throw that away, hoh?

happy giddy-ing! no kidding.

goolypop said...

yeah..that jiupai was given by a special enemy.. u wan to make another for me? U qualify as enemy too...;)

k.t.x said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
goolypop said...

ktx..i agree.. will change it when I dun need it to signify my giddy up..hehe..


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