Saturday, May 22, 2010

Gooly and nai nai

Do you know Gooly now speaks Mandarin albeit with an accent and wrong grammar? So much so that he can converse with my ahbu in that language.

He calls ahbu -nai nai, which is clearly wrong cos that is to address a paternal gramma. I reckon the teacher thinks it will be too confusing to learn puo-puo and nai-nai at the same time. Thus, only nai-nai is introduced.

My ahbu didnt mind cos nai-nai sounds very endearing. So does yeh-yeh, which is, again wrongly termed for my ahpah.

Last week, Gooly accompanied nai-nai to the Italicsaloon which she had patroned for the last 30 odd years. It was situated at the oldest part of the city, in a shabby old shop lot. It would take nearly 2 hours to perm nai-nai's hair. I didn't know what he was gonna do there, and was worried that he would ask to go home at the sight of my ahbu's hair in rollers.

Why did he want to go in the first place? I mean, saloon isn't the most fun place for him. He hates getting his hair cut.

I knew nai nai said something about getting a toy. Is that bribery or what? Don't care-lah cos he kept my mom company. And when I went to pick them up, I saw that lil fella on a stool, sweating profusely in an Indian toy shop.

"Mom! Look!" he proudly showed of his ciplak Transformer.

A good outing for both of them, I reckon.

So.. Gooly has a chummy relationshio with his nai-nai. I was not close to both my deceased gramps, which is a pity really. I am really glad that Gooly has a nai nai to love and is loved, a thousand times more, by her.


tuti said...

very chummy indeed. really nice. makes the nai nai very happy too. win win win situation. the extra win? mahmee lor. got some free time to herself, kakaka.

Gargles said...

the rollers scary meh? else, why would he want to go home when he sees his nainai's hair on rollers geh? must have been some childhood trauma experience, hmm...

reanaclaire said...

so nice of him to accompany nainai... shows how patient he can be..

goolypop said...

tuti, when i got free time also dig nose only.. not very adventurous.

gargles, yeah, he watched Sumtinhar in 72 tenants before..

claire, so nice of my mom to be patient with him arr.. He is the most impatient fler in the world..really one.


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