Wednesday, May 19, 2010


Gooly woke up with some sniffles. So I suggested that he stayed home to rest. He was overjoyed, and started turning on the Tellie and pouring out his toys while announcing to nai-nai that he is sick, yehooo.. so there is no need to go to school.

Seeing his energetic disposition made me re-evaluate my decision so I quickly added, "But if you feel alright, you can go, ok?"

*cough cough* He immediately feigned a sore throat with a dramatic *ahem ahem* throat full of pleghm sound. My mom and I exchanged smiles, knowing that all kids would love a chance to ponteng school.

I checked on him a few times making sure he had no fever. By noon, his mucus were all discharged, and he looked like he was in pink health to fulfill his duty as a student.

"Do you wanna go?" I asked. I was all prepared for him to say no. Even my mom wanted to bet her last dollar that he would say "Choy nei dou sor! Stay at home watch Ultraman better". But lo and behold, he said, "Sure.."

Argh! I haven't ironed his uniform.. and have not eaten lunch yet. And he was still smelling like swamp (oooh..this I learned from him).

Faitit faitit...! Thank gawd he did everything in a jiffy - taking a super duper quick shower and gulping down his lunch while I ironed . (I had a suspicion that he had a date in school, that's why the gung-ho-ness.)

We reached school 5 minutes later than usual. At the traffic light, he donned on his shoes and grabbed his bag, all set to bounce out of the car to run into his class. :)

I saw him entering the school yard and gave him a flying smooch. He smiled and made a swishy motion of "Go.. go.. I'm ok" with his hands.

I have never seen such a grown up 5 year old. If yesterday I was proud, today I am prouder, if it's possible.


tuti said...

wah this mummy last minute iron uniform for her kid wan. hot hot ah!!
hahahhaa. ok ok out of topic (again), and yes, i am really proud to be his swamp auntie.

sinkar said...

now go skool to play sure gungho. wait till few years later...

goolypop said...

tuti.. then his heart warm warm go school ma.. no meh?

sinkar, eh, ppl go school very serious one ok..learn.. eh, I also dunno what he learn.


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