Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Go school

It's been some time since.. wait a minute... everything seems like it has been sometime..but in actual fact, Gooly has only gone to school for a term.

In a term, he has done loads - speaking and writing (broken) mandarin, riding solos in the van to come home, and walking into the school by himself. All in the name of independence.

Prior to this, there were a couple of unfortunate events which made us fight like two mad bulls when I walked him into his class room. So I am mighty pleased that I don't have to lull my gargantuan ass out of the car these days.

Also, it's just too hot to get in and out of the car, agree?

However, everyday, he would still ask, "Do we have time? Can you walk me in?"

For ages (exaggerate a bit) I have said no. And he would obliged - running into the school yard albeit not so enthusiastically.

Today, I just thought.. what the heck, it has been awhile. His face beamed up like a lightbulb when I turned off the engine and proceeded to walk hand in hand with him into the compound. His smile was affixed..his footsteps springy... his hand wrapped tightly around mine.

He gave me a big kiss, hugged me like a bear and waved bubye later on.

It must have meant so much to him. Sigh.. I should just walk him more.. (but my asset is so heavy..and it's so hot.. and I'm always in a hurry..)

On a related matter - The 'auntie van' charges rm150 for 3 days, and the same for 5 days. What the heckaroo? It's not very macro-economical at all to not fully utilise her service. Ergo I have been thinking on depending solely on the van to bring Gooly home.

But come the two days that I am not working, Gooly would say without fail, "YIPEEE! You are picking me up today, right?"


The face is so jubilant that I don't have the heart to say, "No-lah.. you take the old junk dirty van with your 4 girlfriends."

4 chicks in the van and he picks me.

What the heckaroo...

So come rain or shine on that two days, I drag myself out there to brave the traffic to drive my son to and from school, just because it makes him happy (even though that allows auntie van to bluff our money.)

Somebody give me a prize already!


hweelim said...

yay! i've got my daily entertainment back. really enjoy goolypop stories :) thanx!

goolypop said...

hi hweelim! Ha...thanks thanks.

I would like to do the miss world wave now..

*wave wave*


Gargles said...

award again haimai? nah!

*dump the "heaviest assets award" on your feet*

tuti said...

wat award you want lah? a set of panties named monday to friday? weekends you find your own.

goolypop said...

gargles, get your ass off my feet!

goolypop said... we boycotting undies leh.. Au naturale approach.. Want a fig?


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