Monday, May 3, 2010

Showing me the door

When we were about to leave the house for school, we realized that there was a piece of homework not done.


Quick quick! Bring the 346 colour pencils out!

The instruction says to design something out of a rectangle and circle. I read that a few times, I didn't know what we were supposed to do. So I hollered, "Quick! Quick! Bring the 346 colour pencils!!!"

I was thinking of conteng something inside the shapes.

Gooly calmly said that he just needed a pencil.

I looked at him incredulously and shouted," Quick! Quick Bring the 346 colour pencils out!!"

He ignored my ballistic order, and said, "I know what to do.."

In the circle, he drew two dots and a curve. Wokeh.. a smiley face.

In the rectangle, he drew a dot at the side.





It's a freaking door. I burst out laughing.

I also didn't ask him to re-do it because it's not wrong. In fact I thought it was a brilliant safe ass solution...


He was so confident and cool about his 'design' that I am sure if someone brought a kick ass squarish robot, he wouldn't give two hoots.

Amidst the sea of competitive kids who attend Art, Creative, Drawing, Panting, Adobe classes, I admit I like Gooly's pure and simple mind.

Just like fashion, when you try too hard, you don't appear to be too cool. Gooly, meanwhile is unperturbed with the whole shebangs of fancy (and probably unoriginal) works.

Hmmm.. or it could be I am just looking for more reasons to love him even more. :)


tuti said...

that was totally cool!
and highly impressive too.
i am a little awed actually.

Gargles said...

and you are making another reason for us to love him more too..

goolypop said... papa thought it was pretty ingenious. He would have given him 100% score if he was the teacher, he said.. Well, we are a tad too biased here though..heheh.

Gargles..awww.....that definitely made my day. It's 3 pm now.. feel somewhat time come early early morning drop nice comments..then I have this feel good feeling for longer time..ok?

k.t.x said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Gargles said...

next time can u wake up at 3pm instead? if i drop comment early in the morning, sure not nice ones..

goolypop said...

ktx, :) if only u r a teacher..


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