Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Didn't win

So..Gooly didn't win the coloring contest.

While I expected him to be disappointed, I don't think he was.

What happened was -he came back, asked me to dish out the camera and take a picture for him.

He stood next to his cuz, handed him a packet of Jabobs, and said, "Look into the camera and smile!"

Ooh.. he was orchestrating his own prize-giving ceremony. Teehee! So cute.. and what a way to pick yourself up from disappointment.. but there wasn't even one to begin with.

Oh what the heck.. He is just one happy lark, making all occasions a joyous one.

Hmm.. If anything, I would think what he felt was awed and admiration for the winners..and maybe hopeful that one day he will be winning a prize too.


Gargles said...

he was happy that he didn't win.. coz everyone would be asking for his autograph then...

(that pic so cute la!)

tuti said...

quite a miracle seeing what he's become hor? all that nurturing did him good. and you wanted to hang him on a cactus plant? tsk tsk tsk

goolypop said...

GG, how u know.. U win prize before meh?

(hehe.. betul betul betul.. kids when take together mmg cute one.. next time you and me also pose like dat.. I handing you a pile of shit..)

goolypop said...

tuti...where got...where got.. WHERE GOT!!!

(convincing not my acting? :D)


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