Monday, May 3, 2010

Making decisions

Gooly seems to be making an awful lot of decisions these days.

He decides that we shouldn't go for any more 3D movies.

He decides not to wear any more undies. Because of this au-naturale approach, his jeans have been chucked aside.

He also decides to boycott my mom's cooking.

.. and not to buy the pink collar-ed t-shirt, which I tried so hard to find for years.

.. and not to take afternoon naps when we go out for movies at night.

Yep yep yep.. I am finally off the hook. He shall now be responsible for his own decisions.

I'm glad and amazed actually that he can decide on his own. Otherwise what is the brain for?

My job now is to tell him the consequences or the choices he has. The decision, ultimately belongs to him. He takes this task well. He likes it even because he feels he is in control. And I suppose, feeling respected also.

Could it be that most of the time he makes good choices and therefore I so readily give him the freedom to choose? Or liberty has provided him the art of making good decisions?

See? Even I can't decide. I am so fickle. Unlike my son.


Would you believe it if I said he chose his own name?

I said, "Give mama a kick if you like the name I pick."

Andy, Ben, Carl, Don ..and so on..until Othello*.

And kicked he did. Are you sure you like Othello? *kick kick* You don't like Peter? *no kick* Othello? *kick kick*

Yep! Othello it is then...

That will be Gooly's first decision at 7th month gestation. In my tummy.

Cool, eh?

*Othello? What the heckaroo? I couldn't think of any other name that starts with O lah..


tuti said...

so he won the letter O and you named him starting with O! so sweet!

goolypop said...

tuti.. ya.. if he had chosen x..pengsan man..

i think only xavier sounds ok..

tuti said...

hahaha. x-man, imagine!
*slaps head*

Gargles said...

no wonder he loves to eat notello on his bread every morning.

goolypop said...

Gargles, Nothello is guava cum jello jam ah?

Sinkar said...

Olandoe starts with O..


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