Thursday, May 13, 2010


I would think that Gooly is a very generous kisser.

However sometime last year, he stopped kissing my friends and his god-moms. He'd rather offer hugs instead.

And yesterday he also refused to kiss my sister. And I went, "Oh, he doesnt anymore?" My sis was like, "Duh.. yeah.. it has been sometime since he was bold with his smooches."

Jeng jeng jeng..


Today, while I was wiping his head dry, I asked for a kiss. He gave me one but on the forehead.


I don't know why but I started telling him, "You know.. as you get older, you will feel shy giving me kisses ..and I can't kiss you anymore also."

"...not in front your friends.. Maybe in public when you are sure no one is watching... " I droned on.

And I heaved a big sigh dramatically.

He tilted his head a bit and asked why.

I really don't know why because I am not exactly from Mars.

He proceeded to give me a hoochie smoochie on the lips and said, "I promise I won't be shy. Don't worry.."

Hehee.. Maybe I will be shy leh....!

So, when do boys stop kissing moms and start kissing girls?


Winn said...

Do u still kiss ur ah bu...

tuti said...

LOL at winn!!

forgot what i wanna type already.

oh ya, your boy is really really sweet to you. *melts*

goolypop said...

winn, i kiss her ass..

tuti, i still waiting for him to kiss my ass..

Gargles said...

maybe he feels more comfortable kissing his papah, and let the kissing-mama part to him.

CY said...

Hahaha...Gooly mama. U kiss her ass, that was real funny, I almost fell off my chair! Haha

tuti said...

my ass got piles..

still wanna marry me?

goolypop said...

Cy, wait till i kick ur ass..funnier ler..:P

goolypop said...

tuti, we ARE married..divorced and forgot the series of events?

BoeyJoey said...

i bet you kissed Gooly's ass first! I mean, literally, when he was a baby! Hee hee

(you mean you didn't? alamak.. i let the cat out tim... malu-nye)

goolypop said...

Boey Joey.. I smelled jek.. Who more pintai, u or me ah? Hehe..


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