Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Gooly is sneaky and sarky

The good thing about driving him to and from school would be the chance to have a tete-a-tete session with him. It gets better when it rains cos we get to play together too (once we reach home but can't get off the car, that is.) Actually I could possibly run and open the un-automated gate and risk falling gracefully, but why take the chance? So sit in the car we shall.

And today was the same ole thing - mucking in the car in the rain. He suggested a fighting game with his figurines - Optimus and Ironhide. I got to choose first, apparently. Naturally I took the Red&Blue one, knowing that that is exactly his favourite.

"Hey hey hey...!!" he opposed. I didn't want to give in, especially after I won it fair and square thru a game of 1, 2, zoos.

He was a good sport. He even complimented me on winning. And then he said:

"Ok, in this fighting game.. if you lose, the second round, you have to give up your Optimus Prime. If I lose, I will have to give you my Ironhide and get Optimus Prime."

Err.. I had to stop a while to digest what he said. If my calculation is correct, he gets Optimus Prime back, whatever the outcome was. That was pretty sneaky, in a diplomatic way, eh?

And then he said I smelled like a pig.

...and also like a swamp.

I laughed like mad cos they were ridiculously original. Smelling like a swamp? Gosh..that's one remark I could recycle. And I don't remember bringing him to a swamp. Now how would he know it's stinky?

For the record, I am really NOT THAT smelly.


tuti said...

that makes him the swamp's kid.
hehe. okay, uncalled for. sorrie.
that would also mean i married the swamp! no wonder the farty smell whenever you're around.

goolypop said...

yeah tuti.. and i look like shrek even.. that makes you fiyonah... Hehehe..Happi?


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