Wednesday, April 14, 2010

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Gooly in the past

Of late I have been digging up the past. Rewinding 2-3 years earlier - when I was an angry-less mom (like real..)

Truth be told, I was a singing mom. Like can you freaking believe it? Moi singing? I couldn't either..until..

..I dug an old video of Gooly, in which I was singing all sorts of songs with him.

"I'm leaving (on a jet plane)
Don't know (when I'll be back again)"

Hah! It was a lovely duet. He couldn't sing the whole song. So I helped him with the first liners.

And there were so many ABCDs videos.

And then there was this other video which shows a very very chatty 3 yr old Gooly. Owh.. he has always been a chatterbox then. D'oh! How can I forget?

Well, he said he wanted to be an acrobat..and .he changed his mind..he wanted to be a clown..and then an elephant..and then Elmo. He said Limo the dog was his best friend. And he said Happy Valentine's Day Mahmee even though it was already April.

I was laughing so much in those videos.

Time to bring out the dusty camcorder and start recording happy moments again.

*Fuuuu~ blows away dust*

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