Thursday, April 29, 2010

No choice

Gooly noticed that the primary school in which we have enrolled him in has no air conds in the classrooms.

Err.. yeah. I replied cautiously because my boy's glands spew sweats like a faucet, water and I was afraid that might be a turn off for him to attend school.

"They only have fans!" he said dramatically, feeling somewhat appalled and astonished!

I really didn't know where this conversation was heading. So as usual, I threw in another "Err yeah."

He looked at me, expecting me to be more participative in this whole my-school-has-no-aircond-and-i-will-sweat-into-a-puddle melodrama.

So I cracked my head a bit more and managed a "Oh dear, what should we do?" which he replied, "NOTHING! We don't have a choice!"

Ahhh... what a relief. I was so afraid he will be the first to drop out of school because of the unavoidable oven-condition.


Gargles said...

WHO says we (or you, for the matter) have no choice??!!

Holy shit! This is so so unacceptable. you MUST donate a fat donation and insists the room he goes to has 3x1.5HP aircon installed. that's the only option you have.

goolypop said...

gargles...wah! you said what i was afraid of! My "err yeah" was becos i so sked he ask me donate lor!



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