Thursday, April 15, 2010

Can I have this dance?

This is what I used to do - park him at the hip and turn round and round. He would giggle so much.

Now at 23kg, it would be bone-breaking to attempt stunts like this.

But we still dance.

In fact we have introduced some swirling and twirling actions. Him standing at 4 feet and me, 5. However, we need a lil bit more practice on the twirling seriously.. cos the heaps of giggles we produce kinda make us clumsy and unprofesional.

Doing the 'breakdance wave' is our another signature move. You know..the one where you send electric current from your own finger tips to your partner's? Yeah..I know. It's so cool~ (:P)

And then he will break into a 5 minutes solo performance-doing freestyle jiggy with much aplomb. There is this robotic move which is so hard for me to learn.

So I just sit and wait and giggle.

But he always..always come back with his hand outstretched,"Mom! Dance with me again!"

Shweeet... (well, if no one else is around to watch my two-left-feet 'parsikat'*)
*ended up in knots


tuti said...

very shwwweet. next time he can tell his gf he got his two left feet from his mom. :P

goolypop said...

tuti..... not two mouths? :D D

tuti said...

i shall reserve my comment.
this is a child's blog after all..


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