Sunday, April 4, 2010

Fark it lah

Sometimes we get so bored/fed up with things/people in life that we say FARK IT LAH and heave a sigh of relief because we just don't want to care anymore.

Like this*:

Your hubby is cheating on you AGAIN. Fark it lah!

Your wife is gambling your fortune away. Fark it lah!

Your 1st child steals from your bag. Fark it lah!

Your brother is wearing your BCBG dress. Fark it lah!

Your bestie sleeps with your ex. Fark it lah!

Your maid wears a towel and walks around the house. Fark it lah!

Your dog pees on your bed every nite. Fark it lah!

Your business is very lingkup. Fark it lah!

Your bunny is pregnant again. Fark it lah!

Your good friends gossip about you. Fark it lah!

Your boss gave you a 0.001% salary increment. Fark it lah!


A brief moment of liberty/bliss when you fark it all.

The problem is when accumalated into a list like that.. it just gives you a sense of despair and hopelessness for giving up so many times in life.

*list extracted from "The Suicidal Hamster".

Lesson learned: Don't say fark it. Say knn baggero ccb..


tuti said...

haha, i came across this book, 'fark it'. no intention of buying it, lol.

goolypop said...

tuti, haha who is the author la? Have u read the suicidal bunny..its a comic. Pretty a sad way. Ironic aint it?

Gargles said...

must remember to say it with a farting sound from the bottom too, more oomph, liddat. (not i say 1, other ppl say 1)

tuti said...

haha, the suicidal rabbit i saw on internet. funny in a sad way like you said. but more funny. hahah.

the fark it was promoted by a motivational writer. probably he was paid to do it. ;)


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