Friday, April 2, 2010


While at Amcorp Mall the other day, we chanced upon a few weird antique shops which sell old currency.

And that got my mom thinking, "Hey! We have such coins too. Ooooh..look at the price of this note. Ooooh.. we're gonna be rich.. rich.. rich.. like 'chutau' !!"

Thus she rummaged through her drawers and true enough there was a box of coins.

Gooly and I got down to work - sorting out the coins according to countries and studying the names of currency.

We have lots of pennies. Some cents. Mostly dated between 1970 and 1980. They probably belonged to my eldest brother who went to the UK in the mid 80s.

And then we saw it...

One coin which stuck out like sore thumb.. well, in this case, like sore coin.

It was in a square shape. How peculiar.

It was so old that I had to rub it on my sleeve ala Aladdin in order to read the imprinted words.

I brought it to light.. donned on my 'loefar' specs (as if I have!) and read..


Flipped it over and there is Queen Victoria's side profile, resembling Mr.Bean.

WOWEEE!!!How about that? It's older than my pa! Gooly was of course impressed because all this while he had thought Gong Gong was the oldest thing. And now this coin is 2 years older than the oldest thing! It's like discovering dinosaur fossils. Imaging the thrillll~~~

The coin had once belonged to my grandma. I am pretty sure there is a story behind it. Otherwise why would she keep it for so many years (in the MILO tin under the bed next to the spittoon). It's probably the first coin she got when she stepped onto the soil of Malaya. Or it's the first coin she earned or stole from my grandpa or something. I may be dramatising history..but yeah.. It's probably something significant in her life.

..and now, Gooly has conveniently claimed it as his. Meaning it has been passed down to the fourth generation.


Very very cool.

Lesson learned: Gooly's sense may worth a lot in future.


tuti said...

at least gooly didn't say to sell it and keep the proceeds since it's his, haha. *good boy* :)

Mamapumpkin said...

Oh, what treasure!!!! I would love to find something like that! Unfortunately, I don't have much family history/heirlooms as all 'sapu' already by faster people....

goolypop said...

tuti, acherli he said he wanna donate the coin. Deng! Gotta be more careful when we go Mc D /kfc counters where there are donation boxes. Better still, i keep safe for him until he is 53..haha.

goolypop said...

mamapumpkin, ya..a very interesting find! You go to your ancestor's home and look for the milo tin.... that's the key to past treasures..teehee..


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