Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Choo Choo Spore


a) when I was 5, my mom flew me first class to Singapore


b) when I was 5, my mom and I took a train to Singapore

I'd say boy (b) has more character.

(Having said that, option (a) is really not a bad idea and I hope Gooly doesn't notice that everytime I say something pertaining to 'character' I save a few hundred dollahs)

So we took Senandung Malam on last Sunday night, which went chugga chugga all night long to the shore of Singapore. *Wave hello to tuti and Mr. Lee Kuan Yew*

I was giddy with excitement at the start of the loud blaring horn sound.The rhythmic motion lulled Gooly to sleep almost immediately. Well, it was already way passed his bedtime when the journey began.

Seeing him falling asleep in my arms had me concluded that he was really an easy travel buddy.

We shared the lower berth of no.38 which was right next to a sliding door. Too noisy for my comfort. But then again that's really the whole rustic charm of a steam train.

Other than:
a. my imagination of bed bugs crawling on our bodies
b. train sick which set in at minute 34
c. my fantasy of pontianak sticking its head on the window pane
d. my suspicion of marijuana smoking by the hippie dude next bunk
e. my fear of some maniac opening the curtain and grabbing my b.r.e.a.s.t.s
f. my worries of snoring too loudly

...I would rate the journey a two-thumbs up with a bonus 3-star.

Gooly, absorbing the whole experience of back-packing the next morning.

We reached Tanjong Pagar - someone mistaken Gooly for a girl (wtf?) and that same someone directed us to our hotel using the MRT. Another round of choo choo (steamless though).

Lucky enough to be able to check in earlier. Saw the pool/tank. Gooly jumped right in.

Beware of Sharkiras.

And then gloomy black clouds maneuvered over to our side, sending pallets of rain. Perfect for an afternoon siesta.

Ah..the Singapore Flyer. The hotel's windows were those large ones overlooking the opposite hotel. Unfortunately there were no UGLY BUTT NAKED traveler this time round.

Gooly woke and stared a good 10 minutes at the rain. Something which I do all the time.

The joy of traveling with a 5 yr's all good ;)


tuti said...

ah. no wonder i heard some thunderous footsteps in the neighborhood. :P

we are boob buddies now. say yes. for richer or for poorer, when each of our boob goes south, we'll be together forever.. *muacks*
i wear thee your ring.

CY said...

Gooly sure likes to pose underwater huh? And how come your camera so geng one? Waterproof one ah?

goolypop said...

Tuti,now tat we are boob buddies...

I wear thee your bra..

goolypop said...

Cy, no lah..just put the camera in zip-lock plastic bag.*

*may not work for all cameras.

(aiyah.. the pool is like a tank, can see ppl swimming one.. so i ma stand there and chicak chicak gooly underwater like mermaid lah.. :D)

Gargles said...

aiyah.. worry ppl grab your b.r.e.a.s.t.s for what? if got such ppl, then you mah grab back his c.r.o.t.c.h lor.

goolypop said...

gargles, looking at ur comment makes me wanna sing..



Mamapumpkin said...

Beautiful! I'd want the same for Tessa so err...maybe when Tia is bigger.

Eh, the train b.reast thing I kena before ok? No kidding. I was only 12! Horrid, horrid experience.


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