Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Accident Part 2

Have you heard Accident is really funny?

I have heard it like a million times.

*mimic gooly's voice* "Accident is funny. Everybody in class likes him."

Yeah yeah yeah..funnier than your mom? I don't think so...

So I went to his class and asked my boy to show me this Accident bloke, motioned him over and said (with my hands on my hips) -

"So... you are the funny boy. Show me what you've got. Tell me a joke. NOW! "

Mr Funny blinked and wiped his drool.

And....Everyone laughed.

I don't get 5 year old jokes, do you?

Lesson learned: Ask teacher's permission before harrasing kids in school.


Gargles said...

muahahaha... *rotfl*

*wipe tears*
that was really funny indeed!

goolypop said...

omg u r a 5 yr old stuck in an 80 yr old body with a 18 yr old heart!


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