Friday, April 16, 2010


With the recent demise of Gooly's chor chor (great gramma), there have been bullets of questions about death spewing at 'armourless' me.

I would like to answer Gooly's queries with's not like I have been dead before, you know..

Thus the following conversation:

"Who is gonna take out the organs from Chorchor's body? They will be rotten."

Err... Chor chor is not a(n) (Egyptian) mummy. So no need to remove.

"Who is coming to bring Chorchor to heaven?"

Err... God or maybe angels.

"How are they gonna look for chor chor? They are so many people.."

Err... they have GPS.

If I eschewed the would have been pretty convicing, right?


tuti said...

errr.. quite convincing.
next time you need to find me when i am gone, errr.. bring map ok? don't trust gps.

goolypop said...

tuti..heheh.. yours is treasure map. Ur ass got marked X?

tuti said...

double xx. two asses right?

Gargles said...

err... did you tell gooly he can email chorchor to ask how she's doing there?

Mamapumpkin said...

Hey, God & his team of angels do keep up with the times, u know!

goolypop said...

gargles, email then burn the computer ah?


goolypop said...

mamapumpkin, teehee.. dunno got ppl supply techie magazines to them not..


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