Friday, April 9, 2010

Gooly the rebel


Of course I was annoyed at the way he spoke to me. But at the same time, I am actually awed at his insistence despite knowing the consequences.

He knew he was gonna 'get it' once he got home.

But still he had the guts to look me in the eye and say TAKE ME HOME..NOW!

I know why he didn't want to go into class.. can even understand why he didn't want to. But what do I do? Just let him be? Force him? (as if i can!)

If given a choice, I know he really wouldn't want to go against my words cos he loves cuddles and hugs, hates my killer stare and cold shoulders.

So when he said TAKE ME HOME..NOW! he really wanted to go home.

What do I do with a 5 year old who knows what he wants and it's something I don't?

*throws hands in the air*

Gawd! It's so hard!

LL: ............ I really don't want to know.


tuti said...

some days kids are like that.
something he was very uncomfortable with.
not sure what is the right way.
i will probably bring him home. unless he pulls this too often. ;)

Gargles said...


*throw hands up in the air too*

let's go jiak bao and yum teh la, no nid to be so farn.

goolypop said...

tuti, but but but...his wedding day he say, TAKE ME HOME NOW!...anjua?

goolypop said...

gargles, eat eat eat... now suasana so genting still wanna eat...

of cos go 'duey beh' maa. Hic!


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