Thursday, April 22, 2010


I read this really.. I mean really impressive Manners List here. I already asked the writer's consent to print and use the list (for Gooly lah)! And I seriously think she should publish a book on manners. Go, Mama, Go!

Serendipity-ly, the other day while browsing at Kate Spade, I saw that she too had published a book aptly titled, "Book of Manners." It was rm100 and a bit tattered (cos people, like me, would just pick it up, flip the pages and put it back on the table and not buy it). But I was so tempted yo! Ah well..hopefully Book Axess will stock it.

Rihanna sings Under my umbrella ella ella ella yeah yeah yeah~

You know.. (of course you don't know..but don't interrupt when I am talking!)

One of the first few books that I bought for Gooly was in fact, "The Polite Elephant" by Richard Scarry. And I remember someone said it was a vedy vedy vedy sooooooooooooper dooooper boring book.

Deng! The nerve of of an aliterate!

Manners, to me are akin to bags oxygen. They are so important!

I just introduced the proper handshake to Gooly yesterday. A firm handshake that comes with a sincere smile and a crisp and clear "Hello, how are you?"

And also some lessons on being chivalrous-

*Hold the door

*Reserve a seat for the elderly

*Helping with grocery bags

*Don't make a girl cry

*Don't tease a girl about her underwear

*Look away when women/girls are changing

*Don't say a book is vedy vedy vedy boring especially when you support aliteracy.

* dan sebagainya

The other day an old man with a walking stick was walking very slowly (but of course!) at the side of a small lane. I was driving. The lane was so sempit that (my butt wouldn't fit between a driving car and a parked car) I had to drive 20mph behind him until he found his footing at the pathway. It was a good 3 minutes stroll. Gooly wondered what happened to his 'Shoemaker' F1 mom (like real).

"Why are we so slow, mom?"

See the old man there? He is old and he walks slow. We can't honk him and hurry him up. He will fall inside the longkang.

"What if the car behind honks us?"

We'll just give him/her the middle finger!!*

A very well imparted lesson, I must say...


Since he found usage of his larynx, I have tried to teach him NOT TO INTERRUPT when adults are talking. Still learning after 4 years. Heh!

Do you teach yourself your kids manners? Etiquette never go out of style, y'know? ;)

*I didn't say that lah.. d'oh!


CY said...

So how do u explain to Gooly bout the third finger ah? -Up yours?

goolypop said...

cy, third finger is man hau lei loemou, no meh? ur sis teach me one..

Gargles said...

dun simply say ah..I never say that before. I think the third finger means 1Asshole.


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