Thursday, April 29, 2010


Don't tell me that is not yauying-yaufoon? Reading books in a bookstore with a lolly at the corner of the mouth. So intellectual and inspiring and cute and book-wormish and gooly-like!

Woah... when I saw that I was like wow! I don't know what the teacher does....I don't know if that was copied or it was an essay or dictation...but holey cow! That's SO going to the book of record. My gooly writing Chinese yo! *proud *

He said when he pushes his hard dung out, he grimaces his face like that - nose and eyes all scrunched up. Teehee. Ma silly boi!

Ah.. The underwater world. Pop! Pop! Pop! That is an aeroplane, not a submarine. The way he draws the fishies are cute-o. And do note the stalk sprouting a lonesome flower above the sea.

Not forgetting, a colourful hearty heart for me. I'm liking his creative cells.

His kungfu moves. Goofy boy, ain't he?

Me feels happy when looking at these pix. :)


edamame said...

Hoh seh, his mandarin characters look better than mine, when I actually do attempt to write in chinese. HOR LIAU. Additional 1 more PS2 game to the collection? So total 4? Hahahaahah

Gargles said...

wa si wa, the chinese wrods he wrote looks neat and order. please learn from him else you would be seriously lagging behind.

goolypop said...

edamame..can i request one game ah? Wheels of Fortune....heheh..

Gargles, are u saying its not his own writing? That the teacher wrote it? U didnt say it..but u thought of it! Hmmph!

(jik tau hai gum nei sik sei mau lorrr)


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