Saturday, April 24, 2010

Gooly the nurse

*koff koff*

I can't read tonight, Gooly. Mom's throat is itchy.

"Say ahhhh .Open wider..." and he peeps into my throat.

And the chubby little hand lands on my forehead, feeling my temperature.

"No fever!" he declares.

He fluffs the pillow.

He covers me with the blanket.

He brings a glass of water, and pops a tablet into my mouth.

"Hope you feel better soon, mom," he quips. And he plants a kiss or two on my forehead.

Gooly is such a Nightingale..

And the other day.. I was having a coughing fit in the car. He automatically adjusted the air-cond to face away from me.

There is this song he learns in school which is in Mandarin. The gist of the song is as below:

When I am happy, you kiss me
When I am scared, you hug me
Papa Mama
Thank you for your love.

It always sets me in a warmy toasty mood when he sings that.

But truthfully,I should thank you, Gooly for loving me just as much.

Lucky? I don't think so. Blessed? You bet! ;-)

Do I get sued being mothered by my own child? *chuckle*


tuti said...

and love cures all.
hope you feel better soon, mahmee.

Gargles said...

again? you need to drink more tongkat-ali to strengthen up your body laa..

goolypop said...

tuti, better oredi lur..:)

Gargles, dont just say, 'poe' for me lah!


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