Thursday, March 31, 2011

The seven days's been a week. Sofa, so good I must say. :)

Peach girl sleeps aplenty. So much that she didn't wake for her feeds. That's until today..when she finally does stir and cry a wee bit when hungry. To be honest, I was getting a bit worried. She looked high all the time!

It was different with gooly. He was a light sleeper..if you could even call him a sleeper! It was perhaps my first time being a mother, I was so afraid that he would wake and cry, and Then i wouldn't know how to pacify him. We were literally on our toes and talking in a secretive hush hush voice all the time. And when he woke for milk, I'd pray to good Lord that he falls right back to sleep.

Meanwhile, lil Missy is..I hate to say this..but she's just like me! A lazy bugger who snores and snorts (she hasn't, really..but it's just a matter of time, I'm sure). You could blare a horn next to her ( just saying, don't do it, you sicko!) and she would still be in lalaland.

She sleeps so much that we get all excited when she does wake. " She's up! Let's play!". And she gives up sheepish smiles and we all melt with awwwww sound effects.

This is only the first week. Maybe she starts bawling tomorrow. Jeng jeng jeng....


corsage said...

Ooh congratulations on your little Lolly! And I definitely missed the paparazzi shots ;) Take good care and enjoy your new little bundle!

Small Kucing said...

jeng~jeng~jeng.....hence start the every two hourly feeding

goolypop said...

Thank you corsage! Will tpost a pic soon... :)

Sk, Cham lo....woohuhuhu ~


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