Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Someone somewhere is having a bb too

We have this friendly delivery man who comes by every month to deliver stuff that papah ordered.

Over the months, we have exchanged little conversations. Sometimes I see him around PJ areas, and I give a honk. He looks up and smiles.

Today he asked when I'm due. I said,"Bila bila!" He looked shocked cos apparently I look like I had only hit my fourth month pregnancy. Well, he was comparing my stomach to his wife's, whom he said, is at the hospital now, waiting to pop. He looked really anxious but happy, nonetheless. He continued that he had to finish his delivery quick so he could go to the hospital.

I smiled and wished him good luck. And he returned with a gracious terima kasih.

Just as he was leaving, I asked if it's gonna be a girl? He nodded." Oh, just like mine!" I offered, not caring if he really wanted to know.

Somehow, preggers always find comfort or pleasures in similarities like, same baby sex, same due date, same due month, same hospital, same whatever... Or is it just me? Teehee.

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BoeyJoey said...

i can feel your happiness reading this entry :'). Gambatei, Goolymama!


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