Thursday, March 24, 2011

The hours before

Dear Lolly,

Guess what? I'll be seeing you in a coupla hours time! Yipppeee!

So these are the final hours we'll be sharing the same blood, same food, same air. And after this, you can fly like the wind..............(They haven't even inject me with drugs yet!)

For me, it's goodbye heartburn.. insomnia.. and sad-fully, little butterflies in my tummy..

We pray for your good health. Can't wait to see you, cuddle you and anggu guchi you.

Love, and be loved, k?

Mummy, 3.00pm. :)

P/s: PLEASE dont be a cry baby! :D And if it's alright, sleep thru the night..suckle properly and err.. that's it! Not too much to ask for, right? Teehee..


Gargles said...

aiks! in labor liao? i was just thinking of asking you go gaigai mcd brekkie timmm....

nevermind, we eat brekkie in maternity ward tomoro. :)

can't wait! happy giving birth!

Small Kucing said...

welcome to the world, Lolly

tuti said...

LOLLY!!!!! auntie tuti loves you!!!
welcome to the world. and listen to mahmee and kor kor ok?
congrats to the papa too.

Mamapumpkin said...

Where's the PICTURE?????

goolypop said...

Thank you ladies! Go to the nearest ahne newsstand for the release of her paparazzi shots...


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