Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Gooly - the gentleman

We go to the passer malam quite a fair bit these days. Abhu grabs the heaviest items she can find, like oranges and guavas, and occasionally some kilos of fish balls to feed the whole village. Because I, myself have a gunny sack of rice in my tummy, I can't possibly help her with the loads.

Hence, the way to go would be asking her to wait at the side of the road while I drive my pink Ferrari over.

Gooly was with me the other night. As we sauntered back to my pink ferrari, he thought aloud that he ought to have carried some stuff to ease nainai's burden. I was already thinking of sinking my teeth into the muachee I just bought, so I wasn't really paying attention.. I probably gave him a nod or something equally non-communicative.

I drove my pink Ferrari over, put on the signal, and signaled abhu to clamber on- my mind still on 'muachee muachee muachee' mode. Then I heard the door opened. I swung my head behind just to make sure it was abhu.

To my surprise, Gooly has gone down to help carry the goods. "Nainai, wo pang ni!" and he heaved the heaviest bundle into the car.

Ahh.. It sure is handy to have a fine young man living with us. :)

And oh... I noticed that he has been pulling chairs out for me during chomp times. And holding the doors open with a cheery, "You go first, mom!"

Looks like my son is growing up to be a gentleman... Ohhh..just like Jack. Jack in Titanic. Not Jack Neo.

Note: Saying that I drive a pink Ferrari three times made me giddy with happiness. Not that I have any. Cheap thrill!

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