Monday, March 21, 2011

Holding hands

As I was driving just now, I felt a strong push at my abdomen, startling me.

Instinctively my right hand went down to feel it. Judging from where her head is now..that tiny bulge on the right side sure felt like it was her tiny fist.


And there I was holding her tiny hand, though thru a barricade of some sort.. And I was grinning like mad.

It could be her foot or whatever body parts, but I'd like to think we held hands for a moment then.

I know..silly mahmee!



Small Kucing said...

she also wanna drive leh

corsage said...

Awww! One of those precious moments in pregnancy! :)

tuti said...

you hold lolly's hand, i hold your hand.... and gollypop also!

goolypop said...

Girls....let's huddle! Lolly is coming soon! :)


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