Thursday, March 17, 2011

14 more days?

What d'ya know.. It's almost the beginning of the end of the school holidays.

I had deliberately not planned anything too hectic for Gooly. Kinda taking it as the last me & him time before Lolly pops.

We didn't do much but at the same time, seem like had done a lot. We talked...we drew...played and laughed. Many afternoons were spent doodling for Lolly. If I could, I'd like to sew, knit, crochet, build a cot for her cos I'm sentimental like that..but alas, can't lift a needle or hammer without being admitted to the emergency.

I can't draw either. So I doodled. Irregular patterns and non-sensical themes.Gooly did something similar. Looks like thrashy kitschy art pieces await the lil bub. Forgive us for the lack of talent, but were in our thoughts, miss Lolly.

I'm taking the last weeks of my last pregnancy (I swear!) pretty cooly. Taking time to remember and to marvel.. to stare at the washing machine movements, to feel the prepare myself for the next journey.

Tsunami hit the shores of Acheh six years ago when Gooly was born at 36 weeks. Last week, as Lolly was 36weeks old in utero, the wrath of tsunami struck again. Deja vue at its creepiest and saddest sense.

So it's 37th week as of now. Take your time, Lolly. No rush..momma will keep you safe till you deem ready for the world. The heartburns are a bitch..otherwise, momma's doing pretty ok. Darn those sleepless nights too...and Braxton Hicks shits...but momma is fine.......!

See ya this Saturday on screen! Korkor drew on us - on my tummy, that is. And the ink is not exactly coming off. How embarrassing for prof to see my tattoo-ed bulge, eh..


Gargles said...

lolipop awaiting Lolly when she pops. salivating already thinking of ju keok choe and ginger chicken soup on the 12th day. thanks for your invitation!

Small Kucing said...

tickk tock tick tock


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