Saturday, April 2, 2011

The eighth night

She woke at 3 am till 4 - ish. I think that is the longest time that she was awake.

I fed her, changed her diaper.

She wasn't crying, just looking around the room. So I let her be.

She threw in a few smiles. And at times, looked like she was deep in thoughts.. "So, this is planet earth, eh?" and when her eyes caught mine, she gave me a look which said, "You are mom, I suppose?" and then she nonchalantly looked the other way to find more interesting things to stare at, like her own fingers.

There we were - just the two of us, on a silent night. Our first soirée. I loike!

(but after a while I got tired, so I plonked her back on her crib. She continued her lonely vigil..and finally fell asleep on her own. Bliss!)


Small Kucing said...


tuti said...

i love her already! *a gentle peck on her cheek*

dr sinkaringam said...

is this planet tatooine? jabba, is that u..?

BoeyJoey said...

miss those moments :-). you get me all broody now... joking! hee hee... happy for you :-)

Gargles said...

bruff! that night you ming ming go and read lapsup blogs while you wait for her to go back to sleep.

Mamapumpkin said...

Wah.....she very clever to pretend ar??


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