Friday, March 18, 2011

Gooly draws

Gooly loves to draw. He leaves sketches of drawings for me everywhere. The moment I announce I'm feeling quesy or unwell, he gets down to work - drawing me a get-well-soon card. Or when I'm away for a coupla hours, there will a a drawing of some sort waiting at home for me.

Truth be told, his pieces do not stand a chance to be hung at the Lourve. *chuckles* He still draws stickman figurines, ok? At the most, he has their eyes crossed out to depict a dead-man face. And fluffy clouds often can be mistaken as piles of dung floating on air.

But a smile always creeps in the moment I look at his drawing. And I always can't wait for him to tell me the story behind it. Oooh...yes..there's always a tale to accompany the illustration.

Today he drew me a picture of a man standing next to a puddle of water. In the water, a man with crossed out eyes, pressumably dead and above the water, a rickety bridge (which looks like a foot-long sausage). The caption read: Next time don't fall into the water again.

"One day two men were walking..and one man walked into the water and he drowned. The other man said, "Next time don't fall into the water again." I spelled all the words myself, mom. I just try sounding them out. And that was how the bridge was no man will fall into water again."

He ended the story with a smile.

Gotta love it.

He may not be an artist..but he sure can make up stories.

And I think he has gotten the hang of spelling words. Seems to be getting them right most of the time now. :)

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