Saturday, March 26, 2011

First thoughts

Hmmmm... You look like a Dawn...perhaps a Zoey..not quite the name I have chosen for you. but oh well, your features will change, I suppose.

And oh are so,,no...your face is kinda peach-like. A little like siu long pau. Hmmm..

I spent a few hours looking...staring at you, kinda like looking at a gold fish in a fish bowl, marveling at every crease, every line, every fold on your face, chuckling at your every sudden startled jerky movement , smiling when you scrunched up your nose, pouted your lips or blinked the lights away.

And I thought you were simply beautiful.

Thank you for fighting the fight with me. We just proved to the doc that he was wrong, didn't we?

"We are gonna be okay," we said that on that day. And we shall be. ;)

Ps: a picture soon ok to those of you who didn't catch her leaked shots by paparazzi in the latest Peoples Magazine :p


shoppingmum said...

Congratulations! Rest well. :)

tuti said...

wheeeeee!!!! i am overjoyed for you. love ya, lolly!! *smoooooch*

Gargles said...

more than "ok"! she's a lovely girl. you'll have to brace yourself to swat off the "flies" when she reaches that age, let's see, which will be around 1 month from now? :)

Small Kucing said...

someone will be getting a lot of supper when she reach 16 lo

Congratulations again

dr sinkaringam said...

how about errmm.. 'jess'?

goolypop said...

Thanks, SM!

Tuti, yay * jump until boobs bouncing*

Gg, the biggest fly is u! *swat*

Sk, hah..have to wait so long go supper ka?

Sinkar, after Jessica Simpson?


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