Tuesday, March 1, 2011

The month before..

I have heard about moms-to-be developing the nestling (nesting?Wrestling?) habit as the due dates draw nearer. But I have not exhibited this motherly charm. Been buying clothes for her, yes... But washing and scrubbing and setting up the cot, no.

However, I now do have this...watchamacallit...weird thinking - that I'd go MIA for awhile from the surface of the earth once lolly is delivered. I keep thinking that I won't have time. I will be busy 'RUINNING' (not running) an empire.

Thus, I have been -

1.spending time alone, listening to songs I like in the car, knowing well that twinkle itsy bitsy row your boat will resurface AGAIN in my life for the next 600 days, or more...

2. Putting on more make up, remembering that I had looked like a maid for the first three years gooly was born (make that four..)

3. Making friends happy (I hope), hoping that they will remember me still even when I am too busy milking, diapering, screaming, gushing in the very near future..so near that I feel my breasts drooping every second- that I smell imaginary poop - that I feel my throat itch as i type -that I hear my irritating high pitched voice.

4. Spending time with friends - talking about them, realizing that the topics I can cover in the following months will be and gotta be something to do with b-a-b-y. Sorry, I won't be able to discuss Laws of Physics with you anymore. I pity you, my friends....

5. Gazing into gooly's eyes, listening to him, playing with him - so afraid that he will be banished from the kingdom due to my temporary
insanity once my boobies are exposed for the world to see.

I should be watching some tv series too...considering that I didn't touch the remote for 5 years after gooly was born but I'm not exactly a couch potato.

I should be eating at hawker stalls... The further away, the better since babies don't exactly like crowded dirty joints but it's not like I can eat rice and stuff *shrug*.

What else should I do?

Oeeei? This is beginning to sound like a bucket list. Choy!!! Ptui ptui ptui!!!

Haih.. Take this as a journey to mentally prepare myself for the new life.

Yeah, Lolly..can't wait to see you! (in case this sounds like a dreaded pregnancy...it is not :p. I just tend/ like to modify situations and thoughts to ridiculous scenarios to make myself sane. FYI, I love being pregnant. I am glowing.. And smiley most of the time)

:) see?


dr sinkaringam said...

Putting on more make up, remembering that I had looked like a maid for the first three years gooly was born (make that four..)

Knowing you for 10 yrs, i never see u NOT look like a maid before also..

Small Kucing said...

wat else ah...errr....go karaoke...:p

Gargles said...

nowadays all the maids also put make up laa..

dun put make up - look like them, put make up - also look like them.

dun even think of carrying that LV and gucci bag! you would look EXACTLY like them!

tuti said...

will you still kiss my butt after lolly's born? *blink blink*

goolypop said...

Dr, is blogsphere year like dogs year? 1 human year = 7 dog years? But for bloggers, 1 = 10 yrs?

Sk, now still hing karaoke ka? Ppl now go deeseeko, ok?

Gargles, wats wrong with looking like a maid, actually? It's princesssssss we dun wan to look like okkkkk?!?

Tuti, *blink blink* wat do u mean 'still'? I have nvr kissed ur butt before okkk? Smell got larr :P


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