Friday, March 4, 2011


It has been a sluggish week.

Wide awake most of the nights.

Tired and sleepy during daytime, of course. A zombified corpse indeed, I am.

I plop on the sofa, on the bed, on the couch..doze off ..only to be annoyingly awaken by my own snores or the creaking of the fan or the chirping of a bird.

What is wrong with my sleeping genes?

Gooly has been so understanding. I have told him about my insomnia. He tiptoes out of the room in the morning, closing the door tightly knowing how the creaking sounds irritate the bollocks out of me. Unless really necessary, he comes to ask me stuff i.e can I have the chocolate? When I groggily say yes, he suggests that I go back to sleep, if I want to. Maybe he is secretly enjoying my state of sleepiness cos I just can't muster enough energy to say no and cause a chocolatey sad tale.

And when I couldn't walk ten steps to grab a tissue to wipe my booger, I asked him to help. He gladly plucked one out from the box and added a bonus cup of water for me. Awwww... Isn't he the sweetest?

There is a pile of new clothes I should be dumping into the machine before Lolly comes. I wonder if gooly could do it..... Kiddddddding..... I'm not into child labour, ok....

Hmm.. In the past nine months.. There were times where I had -
A. Been sleepy and tired 24 hours at times but now, I'm nosferatu..only sleeps during the day

B. Been in a hippie mood -"good morning, world....good morning, sunshine....good morning, tweety birds..." it's as though I lived with pixies and fairies. These crazy high on drugs moods didn't last long, thankfully... But long enough for some people to suffer, me thinks.

C. Been feeling indifferent about things. Like I didn't care if Burberry had a new range. Like omg-can-you-freaking-believe-it? That kept papah happy and relieved for a while, me thinks.

D. Not been craving for any food. I think this food craving is over rated. But if it means waking your hub up in the middle of the night to fetch you some shit to eat...and he would obligingly drive to Kg Sungai Pokok to get it for you, by all means...mengada all you want. I won't tell him you are faking your craving like Meg Ryan did in When Harry Met Sally. ( though she was faking something else)

E. Been having bouts of flu every other week. Mucus spewing like larva from volcanoes.

Darn those hormones. This post could be titled - 'memoirs of a sleepy insomniac pregger lady' but I'm too lazy to click on the title to change it. Sue me. (what's with the attitude, eh?)

Wait... Am I boring myself that I just yawned? Yipeeee! I may fall asleep after all. And it's only 1.30 am! Yay!

I hope I can sleeep! * fingers n eyes crossed*


Small Kucing said...

LOL...another night owl pulak pasal "boil DVD porridge".

goolypop said...

SK, watch wat? King wa chun moong - catch butterflies ar? Heheheh..


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