Sunday, March 13, 2011

Stupid insomnia

Yesterday was one of those damned days. I just couldn't fall asleep...till about 6am, I think....

And I was on the couch outside. I felt a tug, opened my eyes a little, and saw Gooly inches away from me.

"Are you ok, mom? Couldn't sleep again?"

I mumbled a yes..and told him to go back to sleep, as I assumed he was just awaken for his morning pee. He obliged.

And I slept the whole morning,while he got busy with nainai and his cousin. A few times he came in to check if I'm done with hibernation, only to be disappointed that his mom is indeed a polar bear in winter.

On one occasion he told me that he had better close the door as nainai was on a mission to exterminate some colonies of ants, right outside my room.

I'd appreciate that, I said.

And another time he wished we could go Ikano later..when I'm not so tired..when I'm awake. Sure, I said.

And he patiently waited.

When I mustered enough energy, we did go Ikano. Bought him his favorite kikkok snack, and his eyes glistened, his smiles widen, and he hopped like a bunny rabbit as though I just bought him a new ipad2.

When we came home, I spent an hour drawing, doodling - whatever with him while talking about what I had missed during the day time while I snoozed. His eyelids were getting really heavy. Just before his head hit the pillow, he managed a "Mom, you are the best mom I ever had." Yes, it sounded all wrong and weird, but I bet that came straight from his heart and pierced right through mine.

Sounds of little snores were heard as I kissed him goodnight. I shall continue my solitude thru the nite, just like many nights before.

He must have waited for his momma for so long, practically the whole day, which must have seem like eternity -to a kid.

Thank you for being the most understanding person in the world, son. When I get rid of this insomnia, we'll go hunting for (teddy)bears for kicks, ok?

Love ya.


Small Kucing said...

sobs...sound a bit like me. Havent been sleeping well.. also 4-5am baru hiberate...sien of everything. Lucky J also similar like googly. self entertaning

corsage said...

Oh dear, any reason for this insomnia? And oh my, if my daughter ever says what your son said to you, I'll totally melt!

tuti said...

no comment.
because harrdd to typee wheen meltted

goolypop said...

Sk, *hold each other, grab mike n sing* tonight I celebrate my love for you~~~~ at night, dub karaoke, do wat hor?

Corsage, I suspect it's one of the below:
A. Fengshui
B. My loud snore
C. Those darn hormones!!

Sigh, hopefully it's (c)...then I shall recover in..*count fingers* yikes!! 2 weeks??

Tuti, u r like the arctic....melting.....melting...melting....:D


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