Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Al cheapo

My mom is the sort who will walk an extra mile because THAT particular stall offers choysum at a cheaper price...say like 5 sen cheaper?

And she does prattle on for days about a good bargain. Like how she found this grocery store which stocks Nescafe 2-in-1, 20 cents cheaper than Carrefour. Oh the joy on her face when she talks about the cents she manages to save.

Hence, I know what being frugal is about. I have a mom who is the Frugal Queen. Not that I'm complaining. Like my 6years younger buddy says, "Being frugal is a commodity these days."(or something like that :P) Cmon..we know we don't share the same surnames as Mittal or Gates or ..heck, who else is in the Forbes?

The other day, we had lunch - three very *ahem* wise ladies. We zig-zagged out of many topics, from tv shows, iPad games to something we never miss discussing -BAGS. All of us do love bags. But we have come to a point where we can JUST talk about them, admire them..and yet not buy them* You know, it's like walking into Pavillion, says, "Ooh, that's nice." and then walking out again, without feeling
'"I might as well be dead if I don't get that bag?" Not that I have ever felt that way despite saying, "That is a bag to die for!" numerous times.

We walked into Thomas Sabo and then out, exclaiming how those little trinkets are so-not-worth the price. Yay! I love window shopping!

We even said how we'd boycott Vincci shoes when there isn't a sale. *fol* Bet those who wear Louboutins cringe when they hear us talkinng.

But I love how 20 years of friendships has made us completely comfortable with each other. Carats? Bah! We only talk about those being sold at the markets!

I do know they have some buried blings - the real carats in Milo tins. But it's just not something we talk about or show (off). (Not that I have any to show).

*it's a different story altogether of course if the hubs offer to buy them..kakakaka!

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