Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Slacker moms

My bestie just passed me a book called Free Range Kids. Am absolutely loving it. It's soooo about us (me and a few selected friends). What are we?

Slacker moms. *cue applause from audience*

Since I'm such a slacker, I'm gonna shoot my thoughts on various topics in point forms. I won't even checks for spielling mistakes end gramma errors two.

1. Breastfeeding
Over rated! If you do breastfeed, that alone doesn't make you the best mom in planet Tatooine. If you don't, you are not the worst either.

2. Educational toys.
Conners! Hand, eye, butt co ordination shit! Babies from the Tarzan era have learned to walk, see, pee without these oh so colorful, they blind you -toys. I don't mind them really (just to shut the babies up, but even that doesn't work sometimes), but I won't go declare I LOVE FISHING PRIZE toys ..they are the best!! Or go click 'Like' on their fb fan page.(I know my nemesis did :P) Suckers proclamations, that's what I call them.

3. International, private, government, home school
Whatever, whichever! That's because I have very limited budget to join in the debate.

4. Thematic birthday parties
*roll eyes* Be glad to even have a sponge cake, kiddo! Enuff said.

5. Bento sets
Sissys! Food is to be eaten, not decorated! Here, take this 50 cents and go cut the queue and buy yourself a fat sausage, boy.

6. milk with DHA, SSA, Omega, WWW, etc.
Bullshit! They all come from udders! Don't go singing - My milkshake is better than yours~

7. The importance of winning
What? You bagged the 'Most Silent Participant' award, Gooly? Geesh! Seriously, it's ok NOT to win anything. It's better than these silly
meaningless awards.

Having said that, do I deserve The Worst Mom award?

Like I care....

Tips - if anyone tries to sell you any ideas or products which claims to be "the best for your child", you RUN - like Forest Gump.They are trying to psycho you into buying somethings which don't make your child another Einstein (durh!) and worst, make you feel bad, really bad as a mother. Or worster - you shouldn't even be a mom at the first place!


Small Kucing said...

LOL!!! hands and legs up ... come join the slacker moms club...if there is one.

goolypop said...

Ok! Set..we form a club...but since we so slack...we slowly wait for it's establishment ka..hihi..

Corsage@A Dollop Of Me said...

LOL I Love this post! It sums up why I love reading your blog!


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