Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Under my umbrella Ella Ella..

My mom goes for a walk every morning. She is quite popular, really. Everyone who takes strolls like she does says hello when they cross path. She comes back with stories like Mrs. A is not in good terms with her daughter in law or Mr. B's son is a dentist in Brisbane and he gave him about rm50k as angpow moneh during last cny. Geesh! No wonder she likes going for walks. There are so much goss to hear! (I wonder what she tells them of me? Hmmm..)

Anyways..this post is not to highlight an episode of 'Gossip Girls'. It is about how on a particular morning, she headed out for her usual stroll despite the gloomy clouds threatening to pour at any minute. She thought she could break her own record of snail walking with the aide of her tongkat. Much to her chagrin, droplets of rain did begin to fall and she probably had to walk pass another 50 houses before she reached ours. With her 'speed', it would take,maybe 10 minutes, and she would surely be drenched by then. I wonder if she muttered any profanities under her breath at this point of time.

And then...poot poot. A lady honked and told her to hop into her car. My ma declined.(still wanna be heroic). "You will fall sick!" the lady insisted. But my ma still didn't hop in. Maybe she secretly wanted to play in the rain.

The lady gave up in persuading. And just then, another man came out from his house with an umbrella. "Take this! We are not as strong as the young ones! If we fall sick, jiau cham laa." This time my mom accepted the help offered. And she came back feeling very paiseh.

I thought they were very nice encounters. These are affluent folks. It's good to know they have a heart.

And then it was my turn...

Yesterday, I went to the pasar malam. Dropped my mom off while I looked for a place to park. She took the umbrella with her. And I decided to get off the car to help her carry the heavy fruits once I found a place to park. I alighted and felt rains on my head and shoulder. But only for a while because a moment later, I realized I was under the umbrella of an unknown lady. I was a little embarrassed and gave her a smile while inching away. She said, "it's ok. Come share the umbrella. I'm heading the same way."

Despite being a rainy night, I felt warmth. In my heart. In my soul.

Let's sing Rihanna's 'Under my Umbrella' , shall we?


Gargles said...

aiseh! you were wearing the see thru dress hoping to get wet leh?? neber mind, try again next time.

Small Kucing said...

glad there are still some friendly people around

goolypop said...

gargles, u talking to my mom ah?

sk, im the friendliest! *paak sum hau*


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