Tuesday, May 24, 2011


Yay! She's two (mths) old today!

Can sleep. Drink Neng Neng. Gooo. Gaaah. And weeeeek!

Isn't she clever??

Kidding..but she really astonishes me when she gives the right expressions or emits the right sounds where she deems appropriate. Like there was one night I was gossiping about her notti notti midnight activities, she suddenly gave a loud, really LOUD scolding weeeek, obviously admonishing me, tor being a tatter tale. "Dont you dare talk about me, momma!" I turned to look at her, sleeping in her cot, mouth slightly agape. Geeash! Gotta speak/type Swahili next time when I talk bad about her.

And when my inlaws came to visit her the first time, we bemoaned that they will probably not see her eyes wide open cos she was such a sleeping Buddha during that 'era'. Lo and behold, the moment the entourage arrived at the doorstep, she opened her eyes, and probably would have thrown in a curtsy if she had known how to stand! Clever girl! *sweats* Very tension with impromptu ISO inspection from the inlaws, you know..

And my favorite - she was making lots of sound, crying probably, with no tears, if I may add, as usual... In her cot. And everyone was busy with tv, food or whatnots. So she was left alone for awhile. Before you say, poor abandoned baby...... That awhile was probably a minute or so. Finally, being the sweet caring mother that I am, I hauled my ass up from my comfy bed and walked over to see if she needed coffee or martini this time. (just to spice up my life. Serving milk all the time is quite boringish)

And so I used my air hostess voice and said, "Coffeee, ma'am?" (seriously I can say anything cos uhm..durh....like she understands?) I smiled.

And look,look,look,look! * shameless squealing mommy sound*

She actually gave me back a big watermelon smile! Look at the shape of the sliced watermelon mouth! For like...the longest time she did smile. (gooly's smiles are very rainbowy - his eyes are shaped like rainbows when he smiles. Just for the record.) And indeed she was calling out for attention.

I was wondering if she can already recognize my pretty face (it's World's Shameless Day!). My friend doubts it. Says it's probable the smell. *sniff armpit* Yeah... I think so to. I solemnly promise not to put deodorant or eau de toilletteeeee, for you, Lolly (until her eyesight improves, that is).
Big smelly sacrifice there!

So there! Quite an achievement for a 60 days kiddo, eh? Can't wait till she poops on the bed and drool on my shirts!


Small Kucing said...


goolypop said...

Wuiii, why u cubit my butt worh?

glee said...

eh, this little doll where can buy ah? i think meimei would like to play with this lil dolly.

goolypop said...

Gleek, were u not involved in contributing to a newsletter which focused on the topic child trafficking??

Nope! *stamp chop* NOT FOR SELL

(spot the chuyuk wing grammar mistake)


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