Saturday, May 14, 2011

Lolly 1.5

It's strange but I always think that lolly is already at her 3rd month when in fact she is only 8 weeks old. Could be her strong neck and her hefty weight that give that impression.

Dimples are appearing on her knees and elbows. *chuckles* This can only mean one thing. She has put on some kilos - 1.8 to be exact. I have suddenly developed a fetish to bite her yummylicious cheeks and thighs. Butt too, but it's always covered.

I'm not bothered to shave her head. But there are concerns for the little patches of empty spaces here and there. Ah well, some of the most interesting people I know are bald (papah for one!).

She angguuus with the sweetest softest voice * melts* and I beam as though she just recited a sonnet.

She sleeps aplenty. I never knew babies could just inhale, exhale and drift off to lalaland. Well, gooly - the baby I ever knew before this was the most wakeful baby. I could pat him on his bum till the cows come home, and he'd still be awake, very often, crying.

So yeap, he was a definitely a more demanding nocturnal baby.

But then again, I was working with no helper, and was a first time inexperienced mom, so naturally all I wanted was for him to go to sleep so i could sleep. I'm lucky now, with kakak, I get a good 3, sometimes 4 hours of extra sleep in the morning. Not to mention, a bright, independent and understanding son who lets me get the rest I need.

Coupled with lolly's contented and calm disposition, I am enjoying motherhood to the max this time round. I smell her loads. Rub her skin, tickle her chin. Look at her fingers and toes. Bite her cheeks and feet.

And oh yeah...still lactating and pumping. Milk, anyone?


tuti said...

did i hear milk?
*anguuu anguuu.. * :)

goolypop said...

Tuti, u wan milk? Sure Bo? Hehehe.......oh ya...u r my chabo kia hor? (dig back old comments n see how did that happen? Lol)


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