Saturday, May 14, 2011

Birthday pressies

For his last birthday, gooly received a pair of hand made binoculars from a very smart girl - T1.With help from her mama, she stuck two toilet rolls together and painted some awesome ben-ten details on it. It was one of gooly's (and my) favorite gifts. He took it to sleep that night and the next few days, hung it around his neck for his adventures in jungles and seas.

The next day, I made him call T1 to thank her again for her thoughtful and special gift (and the other guests as well). One has gotta learn to show appreciation the right way.

Recently, he received an invitation to a birthday party due in a few weeks' time. And he has been rather busy sketching, doodling, drawing for the birthday boy. He was clearly inspired by T1.

He had carefully stapled the pieces of drawings together with messages on them (albeit with wrong spellings and all). I can't really make out what he had drawn cos uhm... our artistic genes are somewhat mutated. But I thought it was awfully sweet of him. I doubt his efforts will be much appreciated by the birthday boy - cos almost every boy prefers t.o.y.s, the bigger, the louder, the better? *shrugs*

Anyways.. Here's a big pat on gooly's (and T1''s) back for not being engulfed by commercialism.


Small Kucing said...

yay! good for him. Hope the other boy will appreciate

goolypop said...

Oh next time for ur birthday, I ask him to wakfu for u ok? :D


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