Wednesday, May 18, 2011


After picking gooly up from school, I made a turn to kayu, partly to eat, three quarter to drink Teh ice and another quarter to chit chat with him.

I had my usual rice with fried chicken - thigh, never breast meat. He asked to have a bite. And another. And another. I graciously gave him.

When his roti telur, oozing with condense milk came, he returned the generosity. "I"ll just eat some, ok, gooly?"

"Nonono, can have as much as you want."

(Don't expect the same treatment for you, ok? This sweetness is reserved for me only.)

The roti telur was sinfully tasty that I wondered aloud if I should order another.

"It's ok, mom. You can have more of mine."

The roti telur was sweet. My son - even sweeter!

However this morning was a different story. He shouted, "Yee Yee, I want my breakfast! You cannot hear ah?" I don't know why he expects to be served like a king when he is with others. So blardy rude. But when with me, halos appear. But gooly....I have ears and eyes where you least expect...I'm watching you...

*cue song - I always feel like somebody watching me~c


tuti said...

only for you, he reserve his exclusive and special love.
sweet kid. and ya, you are watching him, hehe. great mom too.

goolypop said...

He shld spread his good stuff..make the world kinder.. :)


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