Monday, April 25, 2011

When the wolf howls..

Happy full moon, Lolly :)


Gargles said...

can i copy and paste me and my family's faces into one of lolly's pic?

chiu! need to ask permission ger meh?

happy fullmoon! let's party next month again lorrr...

Small Kucing said...

Happy full Moon Lolly :D

BoeyJoey said...

KIki Kiki!

My boss just asked me to join him in a discussion in our HQ at YTL Plaza, at 12.30!
I'm so sos so sorry for the change of event!
If you don;t mind letting me know, where are you staying? Maybe I can drop by instead?!??
I hope you read this! Please get back to me!

tuti said...

beautiful family.
you look exceptionally pretty, lolly's mommy!

goolypop said...

Gg, your kinda party like haid? Every mth geh?

Thnx, virtual hung kai tan...

Bj, err... No, I didn't get to read this until much later.Luckily your FBI skill good, found my number..

Tuti..awwww..u sho nice! That's y the wolf was howling hor? Cos I exceptionally pretty......(howl /whistle same ka?)


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