Sunday, May 22, 2011

Smiley me

..not smelly okeh? Read carefully...

So I admit I smile a lot, even to strangers and also to Gooly. When I was pregnant, I found many people smiling at me ("Awwww a hippo...") or was it me who was smiling first and they reciprocated? Never mind..

Now with Lolly in my arms, the pattern continues ("Awwww a hippo with a baby...").

The other day, I was waiting for a table at a crowded kopitiam. A young chap, whom may I add, looked like Wang Lee Hom signaled that he was almost done with his meal. I SMILED and said thank you because my momma taught me manners. He smiled back revealing two gorgeous dimples. Omg! That certainly brighten up my otherwise mundane day.

I don't just smile at guys, okeh. I get high too when I exchange smiles with chic pretty ladies. Yeahuh...they do smile, which makes them beautiful, I think.

With Gooly, we smile whenever our eyes meet. He could be taking a dump or across the road awaiting me. But when we first meet even after a 5 minutes separation, we smile at each other. (Hey mom, I'm shitting *smiles*)


I don't smile at old men. They give me the creeps. Sorry, I don't do old men. Period.

So, I wanna know..are you smelly?


tuti said...

i smile at old men only.


Goolymom said...

Tuti, u opposition leader ka?



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